Imperial request(s):

Requests from many loyal citizens to the highest authorities!

Many loyal citizens asked us if it is possible to publish their personal holograph on the Imperial Promotion Holosite!
We had this same request on many other worlds.
You can see the result on the Imperial releases page.
Of course we couldn't let those loyalists down!

Loyal citizens on this planet can now also send us their scanned holographs to show it on this local holographic communication network and those on other worlds.
So, if you have a nice holographic picture of yourself, and you are a truly loyal Imperial citizen, scan this holograph and send it to us.
The format of the picture must be local.
We can process any picture in a local binary format with the GalUT program.
A jpeg or gif format file will do, attached to a file of the local holomail.

Swimbwa W. Griuthw
(6th Public Secretary, Imperial CompLink)