WARNING to loyal citizens!

Read this with care!

In a nice and quiet little town . . .
there was some gossip, there were some rumors about rebels.
Some citizens thought that was just something normal!
Something from every day's live!

Until members of a hidden group of


fighting amongst themselves, changed the town into a shooting gallery,
all because of a few credits lost in a gamble!

A lot of damage was done to citizens and their possessions!

Peace and order had to be restored by the elite forces of the Empire!

Can you still feel safe?

If not:

Inform the Imperial Security Bureau


Did you hear of anyone having some rebel terrorist sympathy?
Did you hear some rumors or gossip about this?

It is your duty to inform the ISB here and now:

3) What is your holomail adress?

Will you wait until rebel scum shoot it out in your backyard?

References rewarded for intelligence service by the Empire:

Links to those who were rewarded :here
Links to the galaxy of those who were rewarded :here