Imperial CompLink

A word of welcome from our public secretary,

To all loyal citizens,

This is a personal welcome from me to you!
By order of the Emperor my service has succeeded in transmitting this Imperial Promotion Holosite to your local planetary -World Wide Web- system.
And I am quite sure you are pleased with that!
Experience tells us that, especially when an Imperial Promotion Holosite is still a relative new service, such a holosite can be a unique opportunity for the public to express their loyalty and sympathy to the Emperor.
(Our Emperor in heart, who gave us glory)
You can express your feelings by linking your site to the Imperial Promotion Holosite, thereby stating your loyalty and sympathy.
Then, after consulting further with Imperial security, Imperial CompLink can construct reference links back from the Imperial Promotion Holosite to the individual sites.
If you enthusiastically have already linked your site to the Imperial Promotion Holosite and you think our service is not aware of that fact, please let us know through means of the local
holomail system.

Of course Imperial CompLink cannot add millions of sites here!
So, be fast if you want Complink Selections to see your site!
(Please -DO NOT- use the system independent CompLink Holomail for that purpose, if you have access to that)
(For your and their convenience -DO NOT- send holomail about linking to the Imperial Promotion Holosite to any other Imperial services)

Swimbwa W. Griuthw
(6th public secretary, Imperial CompLink)

CompLink answers your questions:

I heard that the Imperial Promotion Holosite is transmitted from somewhere else in the galaxy and is then somehow projected onto the World Wide Web. Often when I'm connected to the Imperial Promotion Holosite I find the connection broken after a while, and I have to make contact again!
Can this be because of this galactic transmission, or is it a technical error on the World Wide Web?

It could be that there were some unknown problems with the transmission or with your local
-World Wide Web-
system(s), but it can also be something else:
We have occasionally encountered technical problems in planetary systems when the Imperial Promotion Holosite was first introduced to their local communication networks.
This was because many loyal citizens left a link limitlessly connected from their home communication system to the Imperial Promotion Holosite.
These citizens thought it was a great way to express their loyalty.
Now, with all respect for these citizens, version 67.2 (locally adapted) of the Imperial Promotion Holosite program, for reasons of local net convenience, closes non-active connections after a reasonable period of time.
When we were testing this 'close-connection-proceedure' on the
-World Wide Web-
we used version 67.0 beta (locally adapted) of the Imperial Promotion Holosite program. We then discovered that other connections on your local system were (unintentionally) closed as well. This was a result of closing non-active links to the Imperial Promotion Holosite.
Maybe you noticed something of this in the past.
Our apologies for the inconvenience.

But with the new version of the Imperial Promotion Holosite, the program also gives a TWO PHASE feedback signal to our NetLocater facility when closing a connection.
Now with respect we can reject every responsibility for unintentional broken connections on the
-World Wide Web-

However, to prevent a traffic problem on your local system we advise every citizen not to contact the Imperial Promotion Holosite for more than:
and then for not more then a period of:

Then you should have no problem(s)!
We hope this answers your question(s)!

Trweqyr J. Schelp
11th technical manager, Imperial CompLink

An example of what Imperial CompLink will do with suspected rebel pages on the:

-World Wide Web-
This man learned his lesson!

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Swimbwa W. Griuthw
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Giuothi Qoriano
Trweqyr J. Schelp

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